Our Website Policy Regarding Cookies and Privacy

Our website policy regarding cookies and privacy has been recently updated – to be more specific during November, 2018 year.

SoccerDailyTips.com is devoted to the protection of your personal details. When it comes to personal details we mean all types of data that is related to your as a person or citizen of a certain country, region and city. Basically, personal data is everything that distinguishes you from others or a way for identification.

Our policy regarding cookies and privacy (shortly, Privacy policy) determines the paths we go through in order to secure the protection of your personal details in all cases you use: SoccerDailyTips.com. In short, our page refers to our main core of services. Our Privacy Policy also defines the specific personal details that are meant to be gathered during your browsing the page, aka use our service, as well as the way these details are going to be used, plus – your ways to put a control over this gathering and alternatives to make corrections or full elimination of some personal details you leave as a trail while surfing. What we don’t do is using or sharing your personal data with anyone excluding the purposes for usage and sharing we are about to name you in this material. Our Website Policy regarding Cookies and Privacy doesn’t involve any other personal details collected from different than this website source (both – offline or online).

About Data Subjects and Data Controllers

When you browse our website you can provide different types of personal details. Some of them are going to be accepted by our team as types of personal data. This is why when any of your personal details is used for our data collecting processes, you become a data subject, which is why you become eligible to be within your rights that are mentioned in the EU Data Protection Law and the way they are determined in our Website Policy Regarding Cookies and Privacy. Taking into account that we define the goals and the ways of processing all personal details on SoccerDailyTips.com we are legally determined as a data controller over the personal details you provide when using our service. As a data controller we are able to process your personal details. On the other side, we receive our obligations, too – including securing this personal data in regarding the right methods for so defined in the same EU Data Protection Law. To be more specific, we provide the protection in correspondence to methods for so from General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) and this Website Policy Regarding Cookies and Privacy.

Updates in Our Website Policy Regarding Cookies and Privacy

It is our right to once in a while change our Website Policy Regarding Cookies and Privacy. When we plan to do so, we simply review the previous update. This is why it is recommended for you to often check out for such updates in Our Website Policy Regarding Cookies and Privacy. To make sure you don’t miss such updates we prefer to inform you about such changes that are about to be put into force.

Collecting Personal Data

This Website Policy Regarding Cookies and Privacy refers to all the personal details you give us or that we “take” from you in form of trails you leave while browsing our website.

These are the personal details our team is eligible to collect:

  • All personal details you give us in case you contact us – for instance, details like your name, email address and so on.;
  • Any personal details you give us when you fill in form to receive betting tips services including, if requested, your PayPal and/or Skrill email address, which is required by us in order to process payments; plus
  • Any personal details regarding your device with which you use our – for instance, your IP address and particular location.

You are not obligated to give us all of these personal details. However, in case you don’t do so, you might get limited regarding some of our services and extra functions offered in our page.

We may also establish an observation regarding your experience on the page such as access times and browsing activity.

This is how your personal details are used

The main purposes we collect your personal details via your experience on our website are basically the following:

  • Offering you visits with personal notifications regarding tour last activity like showing you ads and services that correspond to your interests and needs
  • Advancing our own service in a way to improve its credibility and optimality, plus – offering you the best experience for an online experience in our page
  • Offering you all services you are registered for
  • Giving some of your personal details to some of our partners – we are going to define this purpose below
  • Giving you good recommendations for services, products and special offers that we believe you will like (only in case you have signed up for such notifications)
  • Providing you advertising content regarding your interests
  • Executing the financial transactions for the goods you have paid for
  • Reaching you when you or we need to
  • Notifying you for everything you might be interested in and you have provided your agreement for such notifications

Who do we share your personal details with?

There are cases when we share your personal details with third parties:

  • In case you agree with this, we can share your personal data with bookies. They might use these personal days to offer you some new promotions, special services and other advertising content they believe you will be interested in (Check out the Your Rights below in order to get informed as to the way you can provide your agreement)
  • Third parties like providers of software products, similar to our services pages or data collectors in order to improve our own service and website. Here we also include various analytics, social medias, different contractors to the bookie and even providers of e-mail addresses.

There is a possibility for us to also provide your personal details which are basically aggregated statistics and out of the general statement for the overall personal data determination. We do share these details in order to determine our sales, clients, partners who offer us traffic and many other third parties like advertising agencies, prospective contractors, investors and all reliable partners we’ve got to support our service.

According to the force of law, sometimes, we are obliged to court order or governmental authority to share specific types of personal details. Here are some examples for the cases we would perform such sharing of your personal data:

  • The justice administration requirement
  • Our own personal defence in a legal process

Last, but not least when it comes to reorganization, sale or takeover we might be forced to share your personal details to completely new entities within the group or potential acquirers and their advisers. However, though we will do so on the basis that the information is kept in confidence and, if the reorganization, sale or takeover truly occurs, used only in accordance with applicable law and our Personal Website Policy Regarding Cookies and Privacy.

Here are the required actions according to the basic data protection laws

We regard the lawful and right usage of your personal details by us as very significant to our successful process, and to keep the confidence between us and our users. We guarantee that our organization collects and applies personal details lawfully and regarding the good manners and ethics. To this end we fully support and keep to all rules and basic methods for data protection established by data protection legislation. To be more specific, without your agreement or first correction this Privacy Policy to reflect any change in our usage of personal data:

  • no personal information usage for any goal that is incompatible with this Website Policy Regarding Cookies and Privacy
  • no sufficient personal data collection for the application set out above;
  • guarantee to support your personal details up-to-date;
  • suitable operation during the technical and organizational processes in order to secure your personal details and keeping them away of unauthorized or unlawful access or processing and against accidental loss or destruction. The steps we take are determined elsewhere in this Website Policy Regarding Cookies and Privacy; plus
  • no transfer of your personal details to any region outside the European Economic Area unless safeguards are in place to secure your personal data to the standards that apply within the EEA including via standard contractual clauses and Privacy Shield. Also, in all cases when this transfer is recommended in order to offer our services on normal way and standard, we can perform this transfer, too.

Cookies and Web Beacons – Usage

If we have to describe you the essence of cookies in the simplest way, we would say that cookies are tiny file documents which are saved by the page, but in your device memory or in your browser history. We provide you the entire list of the cookies we use in our page.

You are eligible to both: accepting and refusing the cookies. However, note that the majority of the browsers accept cookies by default. Yet, you are able to change this default acceptance in your browser settings. You can either set the function to be notified for such an acceptance, or simply to decline the cookies in general. Note that it is possible to get limited in some customer experience aspects in case you refuse the policy for cookies – like not getting an access to some functions or services in the visited page. Click here to go to the Information Commissioner’s page to get informed about cookies in details, as well as to learn about all aspects of the consequences when declining cookies.

SoccerDailyTips.com has put into force various types of technology, including cookies, in order to update its advertising and content creating process, plus – to offer some functions from the social medias and to make analysis of the customer’s traffic. On the other side, we provide your personal data regarding your customer activity bon our page with our trusted social media, advertising and analytics partners.
We need the “cookies” in order to gather data, you can instruct your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. However, if you decline the cookies, you may not get an access to some parts of our Service.

If you are interested in learning more about marketing cookies and technologies and how to disable them simply click here and here.

The basic service we take benefits of for data analytics is Google Analytics. If you do not want Google Analytics to gather and use your personal details or your customer experience, then you can install an opt-out in your web browser ( https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout/).

By using our service you agree to us using these types of cookies:

  • Essential cookies

These cookies are important for our page to work optimally. They are put into force in order to support the page when a customer uses it. What they do is to enable standard functions like website navigation and access to secure areas of the page. These specific cookies are also important for the protection and the acceleration of our page by automatic optimization of the content delivery. This is how you receive the quickest page load times and best customer experience. In addition to these, these cookies may be used for security measures – like identifying our trusted visitors. They may filter bots and distinguish them from legitimate users. Also they help us to prevent all types of spam activity on the page.

The essential cookies do not correspond to any user ID, nor do the cookies store any personal details users leave when browsing a certain page. We recommend you not to switch them of. If you set your browser to decline these cookies, know that with this action of yours some portions of the page might not be accessible.

  • Functionality cookies

These are not mandatory, but preferable cookies that enable a website to keep in memory the information that changes the path the page acts or appears, for instance your customer name, language or your geo location. The functionality cookies are also applied to memorize updates you have made to text size, fonts and other parts of pages that you can settle according to your personal needs. These cookies are also applied to offer services you have applied and required for, like viewing a video, posting comments, using a live chat method for communication or becoming a member in forums.

  • Analytical / Performance cookies

These cookies support website owners to realize how customers impact on the page by collecting and reporting information anonymously. We apply various types of analytics cookies aiming to analyze information about the way our page is used. These same cookies can unlock information regarding the number of visitors on the page, where they come from, the pages they usually go to, scrolling activities, downloads, information about user agent, time spent on the website and approximate geo-location of the specific device used for the website access. We need such data in order to make reports for our page improvement. Reports may be visually shown through heat maps and anonymized screen recordings. All information we use after being provided by these cookies is shown in an aggregated form and/or pseudonymized.

Our team basically applies these cookies provided by Google Analytics. Yet, note that we may use analytics cookies offered by different companies with services we may also use for analytical goals.

  • Targeting / Advertising cookies

These cookies are applied to track customers across websites. The main goal is to show advertisements that are relevant and similar to each individual visitor’s interests. The targeting cookies are used to identify the way we communicate with our customers and let us evaluate your personal interests in correspondence to concrete content that we will later apply to offer our advertising content to you corresponding with your interests. The advertising cookies work by uniquely identifying your browser and device. If you decline them, you will not receive any targeted ads and or special offers.

Note that we can apply targeting cookies provided by other companies. Also, third party cookies (check out more information in the following lines) may be uploaded by our contractors aiming to promote their own services. Thus, for instance, third party promotional actions may involve ads in a form of banners or interstitial ads.

  • Third party cookies

Third parties are able to apply their own cookies in all cases you visit this page. In some cases we hire these additional companies in order to offer services on our behalf. On the other side, though, we also intend our website content to include specific materials or ads from third parties – for instance, videos, news content or ads delivered by other advertising agencies. When your browser connects to these third parties’ web servers to revise the content, third parties may set or read their personal cookies on your device and then, may gather personal data about your online actions across the page or its services. Third party tracking cookies may also be significant for the efficient use of affiliate links, as well as for the actions in the sake of affiliate agreements we have signed.


We are devoted to the goal of your personal data protection. For this purpose we put into force use a wide range of security technologies and processes to support the protection of your personal details from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

Thus, for instance, we store the personal information you provide on secure computer systems with limited access. These computer systems are placed with limited access.

If you select to set up an account with our service, it is your responsibility to ensure the security of your password, though. It is information you shouldn’t share with anyone.


We will hold your personal details for till you download and use our service, but not for longer than 5 years. We will also try to remove any personal details as soon as possible when we can do this. Yet, note that we may keep personal information for longer if we are under a legal obligation for such an action or when we have a reasonable suggestion that it is significant to keep it.

Your Rights

As a customer in our page and of our service, you have the following rights regarding your personal details:

An  access to a copy of the information comprised in your personal data;

  • an access to your personal details in machine-readable format and to require from us to transfer it to a third party data controller;
  • an object to decisions taken by automated means;
  • an object to processing that is likely to cause or is causing damage or distress;
  • ask us not to use your personal details for direct marketing goals;
  • having inaccurate personal data rectified, blocked, erased or destroyed;
  • claim for compensation in case of damages caused by a breach of data protection legislation; and
  • lodge a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office regarding our use of your personal details.

In case you agree we to send your marketing communications promoting third party products and services or when you agree we to pass your personal data to third parties for marketing purposes, you have a right to refuse of this agreement later. You can do so once you get in touch with us. This will not affect or undo any instances where we have already lawfully shared your information prior to you withdrawing your consent. The other option you’ve got is to opt-out of receiving marketing communications from us. To do so, simply click on the unsubscribe link. It is placed at the bottom of such marketing communications.

If you have any hesitations regarding your rights or you have some worries as to how your personal details may be used, please, get in touch with the Information Commission’s Office.

If you get in touch with us regarding your rights we will give our best efforts to accommodate your request or objection.  Have in mind, though, that not all rights are absolute.  There are cases, when other legal obligations or third-party rights will take precedence.

If you require a copy of personal details that we keep about you we will ask from your proof of your ID.

You can help us to support the accuracy of your information by notifying us when there’s some change in it.

Get in touch with us in case you have any queries about, or would like to enforce, your rights that we have listed you above.

Grounds for Processing

Our processing of your personal data will be where: (i) it is significant for the performance of the agreement we have with you; (ii) where you have given your permission (for instance for us to send you third party advertising material); (iii) it is significant for us to face legal obligation that we are under; or (iv) it is in our (or a third party’s) legitimate interests and such interests do not prejudice your rights or freedoms.  Our (or a third party’s) legitimate interests will include:

  • guaranteeing our service is as customer-friendly as it can be so our clients are encouraged to rely on us;
  • getting to know the way our service is applied to support our plan development and improvements to its optimality;
  • advertising our and our partners’ and sponsors’ businesses to customers who are possible to have interests in the ads and services we and they provide, plus –  having a solid monitor as to how efficiently we execute this task;
  • supporting connections between our customers and our partners, investors or sponsors; plus
  • giving us the chance to take the benefits of the services and expertise of third party services providers;

Under legal age of 18s

Our service is dedicated to customers who are of a legal age of at least 18 years old. We do not knowingly gather personal details from users under 18s.

Links to Other Websites

In our service you can find links to, or integration with, other websites or applications – for instance, like links to bookie’s website, applications and social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube). We do not take any responsibility for any content, security, practices or policies regarding cookies and personal data protection employed by other companies or their websites and applications. We strongly recommend you to attentively check out these third parties’ policies regarding privacy and cookies. This is how you will be aware as to the ways they gather, store, apply and provide to thirds parties your personal data. In other words, be aware that when you open an account in any betting website, its bookmaker owner has established its own policy for privacy and cookies. This is why your personal details are going to be processed depending on this other bookie’s or company’s policy.

Contact Us

In case you’ve got any questions as to this policy or our way we manage your personal data, feel free to get in touch with us via this link. We will respond to your question or inquiry as soon as possible by offering you the best resolution for your individual case.